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Job Roles


Backstage Coordinator

Tabulators oversee the judging panel and manage scoring and award placements. They must be proficient with technology and have basic understanding of dance competitions.

Backstage coordinators manage the backstage area and maintain the flow of the show. They must have strong communication skills. Experience in theater/stage crew is a plus but not required.

Video, Lights, and Data

DJ/Audio Tech

VLD operates all video and lighting equipment in addition to setting up and programming lights. Proficiency in technology is a requirement, but training in the lighting and data softwares will be provided.


Photographers at PAC go beyond your typical photographer role. They capture the event, but also set up the photo and video equipment, which will sort and upload their photos throughout the show. All photos will be distributed as-is; no editing will be required.

DJs at PAC bring the energy to the event! In addition to setting up all of the sound equipment and operating the sound board during the event, DJs choose music to energize the audience, announce each routine as they enter the stage, and announce certain awards with great enthusiasm.


Merchandise sellers at PAC are the face of the company! They are often the first face clients, parents, and dancers see. We are looking for energetic individuals with a passion for building relationships!

Awards Coordinator


Awards coordinators communicate directly with the tabulator to assign adjudications to each trophy that will be received by the dancers.

Runners keep the show moving! Assisting the backstage coordinator, they will run to get dancers who are coming up next, check in on costume changes, etc. Runners are also the face of PAC, as they frequently communicate with clients.

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